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Reiki is a treatment method in which you balance the blockages or draining of your energy flows in your body. This way you will regain more of your own power.

Reiki is a centuries-old healing method that came from Japan. The term Reiki consists of Rei (= universal) and Chi (= energy). It means that you will connect yourself with the universal energy. Through an intermediary we will focus this energy on specific places in your energetic body. This allows us to restore the energetic balance so that all energy flows smoothly again and you feel energized.


People who feel tired, feel like you are on autopilot every day or there is a gray cloud hanging over your head. But also for people who would like to make a better connection with their intuition and their soul, want a boost in their spiritual growth or want more clarity in their heads.

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REIKI 1: DAO by D.O. Patrick Claes

REIKI 2, 3 AND MASTER: The Glowing Soul by Kimberly Strymans

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